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A smooth wax treatment

It is not my habit to wax, especially in the colder months. Why bother? But I broke with tradition to receive a leg wax at toast&co, and let me tell you, there is something amazing about having silky skin in leggings. I felt like I was caring for myself – not only doing the necessary for other people. It was as though I had made my bed just so I could slip into something crisp and smooth at night. It was a good secret.

When I got the wax, the room was lovely and warm, as was the beauty therapist’s attitude. I felt at ease – or as at ease as one can be when one’s hair is being yanked out. While spraying on something to help the wax stick, she chastises me for shaving, recommending that the hairs get pulled out at the roots, because that lasts much longer – up to four weeks.

She rolls on a thin layer of warm blue wax and gets down to business with seamless efficiency, starting on the backs of my legs and then turning me over. This is from long experience in the beauty game, she tells me. She doesn’t want her clients to have to turn over twice, “like flapjacks”.

Once I’m facing up, she waxes my toe and foot hair – and has the good grace not to mention she’s doing this. Then she inspects minutely all over each leg and foot, mercilessly targeting any stray hairs.

It ends with a short but sumptuous massage with some hydrating cream. While putting on my leggings I’m told to avoid tight clothing – so rather pick boyfriend jeans or a skirt when going for your wax – and not to shower for seven to eight hours. This is to avoid blocked pores.

The hair is yet to grow back. Now all I need is some sun!

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