Covid Guidelines – March 2021 LEVEL 1

If you have been in touch with someone who has COVID then please inform us as we will need to assess the situation before allowing you to attend an appointment at toast&co.  We value the health and well-being of everyone and therefore have to consider the potential risk to other clients and the toast&co team.

International Travellers – If you have recently returned to South Africa please ensure that you do a test on arrival and only book an appointment at toast&co 6 days after confirmation of a negative test.  Even though this may be different to government guidelines toast&co have sought professional medical opinion on this.  Please be assured that our policy is put in place to protect us all.

toast&co has several precautionary measures in place to ensure we continue servicing our clients including the following:

  • Masks must be worn at all times and most cover both your mouth and nose
  • The toast&co team wear masks at all times
  • Sanitisation stands must be utilised before entering the store
  • Perspex screens are in place between chairs and are also placed on our manicure tables
  • Refreshments are served with treatments but please be considerate of both your therapists and fellow clients

For further details or if you have any questions please email

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