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Sugar vs wax

Listen, both methods result in beautifully smooth skin for weeks, and both pull hair out by the root, so you’re not going to entirely get away from pain either way. But there are slight differences worth taking into account. 

First, the basics: sugaring uses – you guessed it – sugar, mixed with lemon and water. Waxing uses a combination of, yip, wax as well as resins, oils and additives. 

Sugaring is all natural, so it is gentle on the skin. The goop goes on cold and grips only the hairs and dead skin cells. 

Waxing has certain additives, goes on hot and adheres to the top layer of skin, potentially making it more irritating for sensitive skin types.

Wax is applied in the direction of hair growth and removed against it. Sugar is applied against hair growth and removed with it. This is why some people find sugaring less painful than waxing. 

So, potentially a bunch of points for sugaring, but not so fast. toast&co has very carefully selected the wax it uses, making sure it contains no nasties. And while it’s true that wax pulls on the top layer of skin, it is also more effective, so your beauty technician only needs to go over the area once. Sugaring might need a few goes to completely get rid of the hair. 

This makes waxing faster than sugaring. 

At toast&co we recommend sugaring for the eye-waterers: the upper lip, the brow, the bikini area, and waxing for the larger, less sensitive legs and arms.  

Either way you’ll be happily hairless for up to a month!

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