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Testing for the best

toast&co will not put a skincare product on its shelves unless it is thoroughly tried and loved. We have strict criteria, and everything must pass muster. 

When we get a product to test we first look at its packaging. Is it in a tube or a tub? Glass or plastic? And will it travel easily in a toilet bag, or will it need to be decanted? Glass is better for the environment but can break more easily and is heavier for handbags, while plastic is lighter, hardier but can sometimes feel cheap. This is another of our criteria: how does it look, luxe or bargain basement? 

Before we even apply a product like a day cream, for instance, we test for viscosity, smell and texture, feeling it between our fingers and rubbing a little onto our hands to get some first impressions. Here we’re looking for hints of how it will sit on the skin and whether we immediately like its weight and texture. Then, when applying it, we feel whether it is light and water-based or rich and oil-based. Does it quickly absorb or sit on the surface for a little longer? How does it move across the skin? Does the cream leave you looking dewy or matt? 

Finally, and most importantly, we test whether it does what it says it will – does it in fact cleanse, repair, regenerate or reduce the appearance of fine lines? This obviously takes some time to work out. A cleanser can be tested for about a week to see how our skin reacts and whether it gives us a fresh feeling afterwards. But a day or night cream takes a little longer. The skin renews every 28 days, so we try creams for about a month to get a real sense of its efficacy. If we still like it, we confidently put it on display. 

Because we research each product for its particular function and for which skin type it is best suited, we are in a position to give clients fact-based advice, so ask us! As you can see, we take the utmost care when selecting what to sell. 

Want to try our wares before buying them to see if they work for your skin and within your beauty routine? We offer some samples precisely for this reason. Alternatively book a facial and that will be the best way to try the skincare products that you are interested in.

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