salon treatments

Wax & Sugar

If you’re looking for smooth beautiful skin, we offer the top range of treatments. Make sure you request wax or sugar when you book so we can allocate the right therapist and amount of time as sugaring can take a little longer.

Not quite sure which method to choose? Here are 5 facts to help you decide:

  • Wax is applied along the path of the hair growth and removed away from it.
  • Sugar is applied against the path of hair growth and removed in the direction of the growth – similar to plucking.
  • Wax is excellent for larger areas of hair removal i.e. on the legs.
  • Sugar is recommended for more sensitive skin and smaller areas of hair growth such as bikini area and face.
  • We do both flawlessly!

REMARKS: Please be aware that wax or sugar are not recommended if you are using Retin-A, Roacutin, or if you have recently had laser, surgery or are sunburned.

Wax & Sugar for women

1/2 legR220R295
1/4 legR275R360
full legR295R425
1/2 armR190R240
full armR220R275
face (incl brow)R330R395
fingers and handsR125R145
toes and feetR125R145

Wax & Sugar for men

1/2 legR255R285
full legR305R395
1/2 armR200R250
full armR275R360
ear or noseR145R165
full bodyR950R995

Facial treatments

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? Of course you did. And that’s why you’re also completely aware that regardless of your age you need to care for your skin. It deserves nourishment, love and regular pampering!

QMS Medicosmetics

QMS Medicosmetics skincare products and treatment collection has been designed to improve the appearance and well-being of the skin, not jut in the short term, but will also deliver long-lasting benefits.

classic60 minsR810
deep cleanse45 minsR595
sk-alpha75 minsR960
neo-tissue dermie90 minsR1000
pure oxygen75 minsR900
instant skin reviver with oxygen30 minsR555
epigen with oxygen45 minsR760
pregnancy love the skin your baby is in with oxygen60 minsR910
eye reviver with oxygen20 minsR410
pigment corrector with oxygen90 minsR1120


Say hello to bliss and thoroughness, our Dermalogica facials will guide you to a new level of skin fitness.

proskin3030 minsR340
proskin6060 minsR670
propeel 3030 minsR650
propeel 6060 minsR850

Team Dr Joseph

Don’t let the demands of life diminish your skin’s natural beauty. Replenish your vigor and inner glow with a Team Dr. Joseph facial. Each treatment is specifically tailored for you and your skin’s needs. Relax and enjoy the journey these organic natural products will take you on. Delight in the additional usage of cupping and stomping with natural poultices. Come share the secret…

intense purifying face treatment50 minsR710
cellular recreation face treatment80 minsR810
advanced biolifting face treatment110 minsR995
express power lift for men50 minsR710
perfect device60 minsR850

Spray tanning

Who needs long, languishing, island holidays in the Mediterranean? Hold on, perhaps we shouldn’t get ahead of ourselves. We all want and deserve sun-soaked getaways, regularly! But sometimes we just have to be here at home. But that shouldn’t stop us having the golden, natural bronzed look that our spray tans deliver.

REMARKS: Please don’t apply cream or perfume on the day of your treatment. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing as some residual product may be left on your clothes. (Don’t fear, it will wash out). Plus, do not shower or bath straight after the treatment.

full bodyR425
exfoliation & spray full bodyR910

Brow and lash grooming

REMARKS: Remember brows are sisters, not twins!

brow overhaulR245
brow wax / sugarR145 / R190
brow tintR145
lash tintR145
brow and lash tintR275

Individual lash extensions

Looking for longer, thicker, more natural lashes? They look so natural, no-one will know they aren’t yours.

new setR810
fill fromR405


For those who say ‘beauty is only skin deep’, haven’t experienced our massages. The ultimate relaxation releasing tension. Trust us, you’l love it!

REMARKS: Thankfully we’re all different. Please ask your therapist to adjust the pressure to suit your needs.

full body60 minsR595
back, neck & shoulders30 minsR365
foot & ankle30 minsR240