manicures and pedicures


Products that we use on our manis & pedis include CND Shellac, CND Vinylux, Color Club gel, Color Club polish, OPI gel, OPI Infinite Shine, Bio Sculpture, Nailtiques &  Solar Oil 

mani in a hurry25 minsR220
It doesn't matter how busy life is, beautiful hands are non-negotiable. In no time at all your hands will look prepared, shaped, polished and fabulous. Just like you! Normal polish only. Choose from Color Club, OPI Infinite Shine and Vinylux
maintenance manicure40 minsR300
Pop in and keep those hands perfect with a maintenance manicure. Shaped nails. Hands exfoliated, washed and massaged. Choose a nail polish - Color Club, OPI or Vinylux.
toast manicure50 minsR350
Blissful hands and glorious nails with our signature toast manicure treatment. Includes a hydrating masque or lavender wax hand dip.
shellac manicure60 minsR400
One of life’s little luxuries just got better. This is the manicure of the future. Shellac combines the ease of polish with the performance of gels. Longer wear. Mirror shine. Zero dry time. Full mani included. Have the world at your perfect fingertips!
men's hand treatment50 minsR315
You got the suit. You got the shoes, you got the style. Now get the hands that will make things happen. Massage included.
teen manicure25 minsR220
Available up to 19 yrs. For the younger generation we offer a funky, hip, fabulous teen manicure. If you want the hands to take on the world then pop in for a treatment.
IBX treatment20 minsR115
Our nails can take a hammering in daily life. IBX is just the thing to restore strength & vitality. Book a course of six for full benefit. This must be an add on to a manicure treatment.


Products that we use on our manis & pedis include CND Shellac, CND Vinylux, OPI Infinite Shine, Bio Sculpture, Nailtiques, Solar Oil and Medipod.

toast pedicure60 minsR425
Revive your sole with our signature toast pedicure. Includes a hydratin masque, tea tree wax foot dip or heel peel and a massage. Welcome to foot heaven!!
maintenance pedicure45 minsR385
We’ll ensure that you put your best foot forward with a maintenance pedicure. Your feet are given a total overhaul.
pedi in a hurry30 minsR315
Get fancy, fabulous feet on the fly. When time is tight, have the toes that shine.
shellac pedicure60 minsR460
Haven’t heard of a Shellac pedicure? Well, darling, you’re in for a treat! Longer wear. Mirror shine. Zero dry time. Give those toes the treatment they deserve! Includes a full pedi. This is where science and pleasure meet!
men's foot treatment60 minsR435
Our technicians are ready to go where angels fear to tread! come on men, bring us those hardened heels and unloved toes and let us work our magic!
teen pedicure30 minsR250
As a teenager, you just wanna foot loose, fancy and free! Well step right up and receive the most gorgeous, coolest, styling toes in town.

Artificial nails

gel or acrylic overlays only (no polish)R450
It’s all in the details! This application is for natural nails, without extensions and does not include polish.
tips with overlaysR485
Looking for that little extra length? We suggest you apply tips. This treatment does not include polish.
gel or acrylic fillR380
When a little repair work is necessary, pop in for a fill to sort out the regrowth from gel or acrylic nails.


This does not include filing or cuticle work. It is just a touch up job with enough time to ensure that only your paint work is perfect.

Think fast and fabulous!

colour paintR180
When your nails need attention, but there just isn’t enough time for a full manicure or pedicure, pop in for the simple and stylish paint-job.
french paintR200
Say ‘au revoir’ to nasty nails and hallo to Parisian chic. This elegant finish can be added to any manicure or pedicure.