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Wax & Sugar

If you’re looking for smooth beautiful skin, we offer the top range of treatments. Make sure you request wax or sugar when you book so we can allocate the right therapist and amount of time as sugaring can take a little longer.  Not quite sure which method to choose? Here are 5 facts to help you decide:

  • Wax is applied along the path of the hair growth and removed away from it.
  • Sugar is applied against the path of hair growth and removed in the direction of the growth – similar to plucking.
  • Wax is excellent for larger areas of hair removal i.e. on the legs.
  • Sugar is recommended for more sensitive skin and smaller areas of hair growth such as bikini area and face.
  • We do both flawlessly!

REMARKS: Please be aware that wax or sugar are not recommended if you are using Retin-A, Roacutin, or if you have recently had laser, surgery or are sunburned.

Wax & Sugar for women

1/2 legR250R330
3/4 legR300R400
full legR330R470
1/2 armR210R270
full armR220R300
face (incl brow)R360R450
fingers and handsR140R160
toes and feetR140R160

Wax & Sugar for men

1/2 legR290R340
full legR330R440
1/2 armR230R300
full armR300R400
ear or noseR160R200
full bodyR1000R1500

Facial treatments

Did you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body? Of course you did. And that’s why you’re also completely aware that regardless of your age you need to care for your skin. It deserves nourishment, love and regular pampering!  You can also purchase all the skincare ranges instore or online.

QMS Medicosmetics

QMS Medicosmetics skincare has been designed to improve the appearance and well-being of the skin, not just in the short term, but will also deliver long-lasting benefits.  All the facials have been formulated to cover all skin needs including revitalisation, rejuvenation and deep cleansing.

The signature of QMS Medicosmetics is to incorporate optimum concentrations of active ingredients in formulations. This maximises absorption and effective action of the ingredients, with each product developed from a medical understanding of skin functioning.

collagen classic renewal60 minsR1000
Restores and revitalises your complexion. This signature treatments uses 70% natural soluble collagens. Say goodbye to fine lines and tired skin. Welcome to new smooth improved skin texture.
urban repair mini30 minsR600
In a hurry and in need of an express lunch time facial? Look forward to a more even complexion, instant vitality and a fresh glowing skin
urban repair 60 min60 minsR950
Does your skin look tired, devitalized and in need of a pick-me-up? Experience the ultimate detox for your skin focused on recharging your skins batteries.
deep pore cleanse45 minsR720
A cleansing and refining skin treatment that reduces black heads and blemishes. Look forward to healthy, balanced and hydrated skin
sk-alpha75 minsR1200
An instant boost for your complexion through the use of a thermal active revitalising mask. Smooth skin and radiance are key results.
neo-tissue dermie90 minsR1200
An advanced skin treatment that improves lost skin elasticity and results in lifting and tightening. A fabulous collagen boost for your skin
pure oxygen collagen renewal 75 minsR1200
95% pure oxygen is used for the ultimate skin boost. Better circulation and enjoy a plumper, radiant and hydrated skin.

dr schrammek

More than 60 years ago, Christine Schrammek provided the foundation for the original Green Peel Herbal Peeling Treatment which helps people with various skin problems to get a clean and even skin.  The Green Peel is mixed up and is massaged using constant circular motions into the skin. The top dead layers of skin are initially removed to assist the micro particles of the herbs can penetrate. Once the herbs have entered the skin they increase oxygen and blood circulation to correct, protect and regenerate the upper most layers of the skin.  As the herbs reach the deeper layers of the epidermis, the body identifies them as foreign and will try to move them up and off of the skin as quickly as possible. This will in turn increase the natural production of skin cells, which is usually every 28-30 days to 5 days. This assists in lifting damaged skin and underlying congestion to the surface. 

green peel classicR1350
regeneration and renewal with peeling effect
green peel freshupR950
suitable for tired pale skin and for those with underlying pigmentation issues
green peel energyR1195
excellent anti-ageing boost and to give your skin an instant lift


Starting your skincare routine at a young age is an important step for combating the effects of pollution, stress, sun damage and hormones. RITES has been specially formulated for teenagers (13 to 19) and is a simple step by step range to ensure your skin looks its best.

teen facial40 minsR400
So many things can affect our skin. Stress, hormones and pollution are just a few triggers. With the RITES facial you can keep your skin in tiptop condition. Be comfortable in your own skin. RITES is for the younger generations (13 to 19 years). Now it is so easy to have a routine that helps you glow up. Just what you need to take care of your skin.

Spray tanning

We all want and deserve sun-soaked getaways, regularly! But sometimes we just have to be here at home. But that shouldn’t stop us having the golden, natural bronzed look that Norvell spray tans deliver.

REMARKS: Please don’t apply cream or perfume on the day of your treatment. Wear dark, loose fitting clothing as some residual product may be left on your clothes. (Don’t fear, it will wash out). Plus, do not shower or bath straight after the treatment.

full bodyR470

Brow and lash grooming

REMARKS: Remember brows are sisters, not twins!

brow overhaulR270
brow wax / sugarR160 / R210
brow tintR160
lash tintR160
brow and lash tintR300

Individual lash extensions

Looking for longer, thicker, more natural lashes? They look so natural, no-one will know they aren’t yours.

new setR890
fill from (1wk to 3wk)R380 to R550


For those who say ‘beauty is only skin deep’, haven’t experienced our massages. The ultimate relaxation releasing tension. Trust us, you’l love it!

REMARKS: Thankfully we’re all different. Please ask your therapist to adjust the pressure to suit your needs.

full body60 minsR680
back, neck & shoulders30 minsR450
foot & ankle30 minsR250

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