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Wellbeing in the new year

From the high perch of January, as holidays wind down and 2023 begins in earnest, we can assess what we neglected in the year past and what we want from the year ahead. Though new year resolutions are often quickly dropped, they at least create an opening for us to reflect and decide what we want to pay attention to, what’s important and what habits we want to form or drop. Even if this all goes out the window as soon as loadshedding goes up a stage, at least we’ve spent some time pondering. 

Here are five areas you could consider focusing on this year:

Emotional wellbeing

We spend a huge amount of time stressed and bothered. This exacts a toll on us, pulling our mouths downwards, furrowing our brows and clenching our jaws. This year the goal is to find ways to relax and let go. So much of what worries us is out of our hands. Instead of shaking our fists at fate, we might choose to take a breath, feel the ground beneath our feet and carry on. 

Healthy body

This is a really common one. “I solemnly swear to eat well and exercise each day” echoes around the world as midnight tolls, but so few of us stick to it past March. Instead of going for the whole hog, why not try small, attainable goals? Eat a healthy but easy breakfast such as a fruit smoothie, and commit to keeping active – this could be as simple as taking the stairs instead of the lift. 

Self-care routines

This is part of both a healthy body and emotional wellbeing. Schedule time to take care of your body and give yourself some rest by deciding on a routine that rejuvenates. This could mean committing to a monthly facial and weekly massage at toast&co, or it could be something like deciding to take time to have a hot bath each week without your phone on. 

The environment

As more information emerges about the future of our planet, it is incumbent on us to make better choices for the health of our biosphere. Again, this focus hooks into self-care and our emotional health. It might mean choosing a nail polish that lasts only a week but that uses all-natural ingredients, such as toast&co’s OPI Nature Strong range, or it might include a shift from take-away cups for your daily coffee run to reusable ones. 


We can take a moment to decide how we are going to honour landmark events, like big birthdays or weddings, or how we want to celebrate burgeoning or established friendships this year. Relationships need tending to, but with so little time, it’s often difficult to make the necessary effort. Combine some of the other goals with this one by taking a friend with you for your weekly toast&co mani, or catch a pedi after the busy school run with other moms who could be potential friends. Make a morning of it by having brunch at the cafe next door afterwards. 

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