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What about the boys?

The past decade has moved the dial on what is possible for men, women and gender-nonconforming people, allowing everyone greater access to what was previously only reserved for one group or another. Part of that is the growing acceptance of men’s flair and grooming, including bright, fun clothing and beauty treatments – and toast&co offers both. 

‘Tis the season for a nice pair of jazzy swim shorts as we head into the holidays. toast&co stocks both Granadilla and Breazies. They offer unique patterns, excellent quality with comfort and both brands offer a good variety of popping colours. With quirky prints you can have a little fun with your summer togs. 

Men might couple a new swimsuit with smooth legs and chests, a real treat for the summer season. Another reason men might wax, beyond the feel and look of it, is for sports. Cyclists and swimmers often choose a waxing treatment to make themselves more aerodynamic. It seems unlikely that a little hair on your legs and chest would make a major difference, but wind tunnel tests have found that hairy legs have a definite drag effect. After a wax, it’s recommended that men avoid the gym or hot baths for a couple of days while the pores are still open. This will help with redness and avoid ingrown hairs. 

Beyond waxing, men can also benefit from hand and foot treatments. Beautiful hands and feet, lovingly tended to, will leave whoever gets the treatment, including men, feeling well cared for and groomed. It is like getting a sharp haircut before a big interview or a date. 

Other treatments men can consider are a massage and a skin treatment. A massage might be especially useful for those who suffer from swollen ankles. The gentle stroking movement can help relieve pressure and give the feet and calves a break. Even if you don’t have pain or swelling, a massage can release tension and stress held in the body. Many men also love the feel of their skin after a cleansing facial.  Who doesn’t want to have blackheads removed, pores cleared and skin deeply exfoliated. A skin treatment can be both therapeutic and rejuvenating.

No matter what you choose, paying attention to your grooming will leave you fresh and prepared for whatever might come your way. 

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